Monday, October 12, 2015

Late to the Party

A fellow writer that I'm friends with on Facebook started posting the occasional picture of her calendar/planner. I love how she decorates it with different items and themes. It made me want to find ways to better utilize my monthly calendar than just using it as a place to keep track of doctor and dental appointments and the like.

I complimented her on her calendar pages and she told me there's a whole movement for lack of a better word of people who do the same thing. Intrigued, I googled planner decorating and all kinds of links popped up ranging from YouTube How To videos, Pinterest pages, blogs, and more.  One of the blogs I liked the most is It has a lot of information and is fun to look at. There are a number of pictures of her planner pages to give one ideas.

I've decided to give planner decorating a try myself. I've purchased a planner for 2016 and have started purchasing stickers, washi tape, decorative paper clips, and the like. Right now, I'm just purchasing whatever strikes my fancy or seems like something I'll want to use in some format or another. I'm hoping by decorating a weekly planner, it will also help keep me inspired and on track in my writing too.

Not wanting to wait until January, I've started decorating the monthly calendar I use for appointments that I mentioned above. It's been fun and in a way is making me even more impatient to be able to decorate the 2016 planner. I'm glad I decided to purchase one that's set up weekly instead of monthly because it'll give me more pages to decorate.  :o)

Have you heard of planner decorating before this post? Or am I the only one who is behind the times?

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