Friday, February 13, 2015

This I know for sure...

Everyone knows different women's clothing makers have their own sizing determinations. For example in one brand I wear a large sized top and can actually buy average size length jeans. In another brand I wear an extra-large sized top and have to buy the tall size length jeans.

Because I'm 5'10", I usually have a hard time finding dress pants that are the proper length. Since I have such a hard time, once I find a pair that are a good length, I buy the same brand in multiple colors. I recently bought a pair of brown pin-striped dress pants for work that were the perfect length so I ordered a navy blue pair and a black pair online because the store didn't have those colors in stock in my size.

The package came in the mail and I tried them on just to make sure they'd look right. The black pair were perfect. The blue pair were a tiny bit tight and noticeably shorter. They came to just above my ankle. These are the exact same brand, style, and size as the brown and black pairs. So back to the store they go.

It's frustrating enough trying to find pants that fit properly and are a good length for me without the maker changing the length or size depending on the color. Have you run into similar situations?

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