Monday, September 17, 2012

Always On My Mind

The last few days I've had a song stuck in my head. I wake up with it in the morning, find myself humming it to myself during the day, and go to bed at night with it still playing in my mind.  The strange thing is I listen to the radio on my way to and from work and in the office during the work day and still the song is there always waiting for that time of silence to pop up full blast in my thoughts.

You would think, okay I would think, that after listening to the radio for nine or more hours of the day, the song would be erased from my subconscious replaced by one of the many songs I'd heard on the radio.  Nope.  I woke up in the middle of the night last night to the sound of a pretty strong thunderstorm and while I was drifting back off to sleep, the words to the song scrolled through my mind.

One of the maddening things about having this song stuck in my head is that I don't know all the words, just the chorus. So I keep singing the same lines over and over again.  The other maddening thing -- I haven't heard this song in years. Years. So I have no idea how it came to get stuck in my brain.

What's the song you ask?  As far as I know it was first recorded as a jazz song by Louis Armstrong in the 1930's though I do know it was originally a Belgian Christian hymn.  Still don't know what the song is?  It's When The Saints Go Marching In.  Strange what becomes embedded in our brains, isn't it?

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