Monday, September 10, 2012

A Hard Lesson

My nephew had his laptop stolen out of his dorm room a few days ago. He's in his senior year and had numerous roommates during the time he's attended this university. Many times he would talk about he and his roommates leaving their dorm room unlocked or leaving the door open all together and not once was anything taken. Both his mother and I would often warn him about being too trusting

This semester he's in a single room with no roommate so one would think the chances of him being a victim of theft would be much, much lower. (I'm not in any way saying that I think any of his former roommates would steal, just that with the door left wide open all the time, the probability of a theft occurring would be higher.)  Unfortunately, he left his dorm room unlocked for a couple of hours so his girlfriend could come in and use his laptop while he was in class. Her laptop was being worked on by the university's IT department so she didn't have her own at that time.

When he came back after his class, his laptop was gone. He called his girlfriend to see if she took it back to her dorm room, but no luck.  When he called campus security, he found out his laptop was the second one stolen from his building in three days.  The strange but good thing was his Ipod, XBox, TV, and wallet weren't taken, just the laptop. 

While he is without a laptop until his mother can deliver a new one to him, (he goes to school four hours away) at least the one that was taken was insured.  He has said he won't be leaving his door unlocked again for any reason.  What a way to learn the lesson that if the opportunity to take something that doesn't belong to you appears, someone will always choose to become a thief.

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