Friday, June 22, 2012

What I know for sure...

As a promotional tool a blog tour takes a lot of time and effort without any way to know if you're reaching new readers.  I'm just finishing my first blog tour and had a great turnout on some of the stops, an okay turn out on some, but I also had a couple where I only had two people comment.   That doesn't mean people aren't stopping by and checking out the posts, they just may not choose to comment but without knowing the page views for that given day, it's hard to know if you're getting the reach you were hoping for.

While I guest blogged at a number of different blogs when my first book came out, it wasn't anything organized like a tour (a set number of stops within a set time frame).  While there was no way of knowing if I was reaching potential readers, I enjoyed this form of promotion more. I didn't feel the pressure to write a large number of blog posts within a short time frame and was able to enjoy the experience more. 

While my current blog tour has been fun,  I have to admit I'm looking forward to when it's over.  I'm not sure I would do another for future books.  I liked being able to spread out my visits to other blogs over a longer time frame.


  1. I hope your tour has been a success, Katherine. I'm not sure if I would ever have the patience for blog tours personally. Though, I do enjoy reviewing and interviewing people on my blog. Not too sure I would like it if things were reversed. Wishing you tons of success, chicklette!

  2. Hi Melissa. I hope it was a success too but won't know until sales numbers are available. I'm not big on patience, though people tell me I'm much more patient than I think I am. (Maybe they're just being nice. LOL) If you'd ever like to be a guest, let me know. I'd love to have you here. Thanks for the good wishes. :o)

  3. Ha, I would be a lousy guest, but thank you. Plus, I've yet to finish a book. :) I have Impetuous and The Muse lined up to read very soon. Believe it or not, I was thinking of contacting you for an interview, if you felt up to it. Of course, I have a couple things before that (such as reading your books, for one), but I would love to interview you. You seem like such a sweetheart, and I enjoy reading your posts. :)
    I like to read the books first so I can leave a review with the interview. I seem to have fell into that format. My interviews are sort of silly though. Meh, ah well. Let me know what you think.