Friday, June 8, 2012

What I Know For Sure...

It's hard to put yourself out there when you're not sure of your reception.  I'm not just talking about writing or putting that 400 page manuscript you've sweated blood and tears over but taking a risk in anything. 

I'm not a risk taker by nature.  Actually, I'm kind of shy. I don't like crowds or groups of people that number more than 10 especially if I only know one or two of those people or worse, that I don't know anyone.  So while I have a friend who has bungee jumped and wants to go para-sailing and on a storm chasing vacation hunting down tornadoes, I'm no adventurer.  I'm too worried about getting hurt.

And maybe that's the reason I'm not a risk taker.  When taking a risk, it doesn't necessarily mean doing something I consider dangerous but putting yourself out there in another form such as asking someone out on a date (and no, I don't plan on asking anyone out), sending off that manuscript even though you're afraid of receiving a rejection letter.  I'm too worried about getting hurt either physically or emotionally. 

But I started taking that step outside my comfort zone yesterday.  I crossed my fingers and took a leap into the unknown.  I'm worried, a little scared of the reaction I'm going to get, but you know what...part of me is really happy I'm doing this.  Part of me is hopeful things will turn out so much better than I'm expecting.  And if it does turn out badly, I can be proud that I'm not hiding behind my fear of what others will think, say, or do any longer.  Go, me.

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