Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please welcome my guest, Victoria Gray

Today I'm visiting Rebecca Clark's shy writers blog, One Written, Twice Shy but interviewed a wonderful author before I left.

Please welcome Historical Romance author Victoria Gray.
Hi Victoria. I'm so glad you could visit today.  Let's jump right in with the questions and get this interview on the road.  

Please tell us a little about your story, Surrender to Your Touch.

Will Reed is out to settle a brutal score. The disgraced Rebel officer's own men want him hanged, and an enemy has ordered him killed. Intent on clearing his name and evening the score with those who betrayed him, he begins with the woman he once loved—Union spy Kate Sinclair.

For years, Kate used seduction as a lure. She knew better than to let her heart get involved--until she fell in love with Will. Grieving his death, Kate's joy at discovering him alive shatters when she is confronted by a bitter, vengeful man—a man who'll stop at nothing to learn the truth of her betrayal. As danger pursues them, Kate fights to tear down the barriers Will has erected around his heart, but her most powerful weapon may ultimately destroy her—surrender.

Wow! What a great blurb. I'm adding  Surrender to Your Touch to my TBR list right now.  What makes a book a keeper for you?

A book that sweeps me away to another time and place, and immerses me in the emotions of the hero and heroine is a keeper. For example, I’ve read Teresa Medeiros’ Thief of Hearts, so many times, I’ve lost count. It’s a timeless love story that never fails to touch my heart.

I'm the same way with Johanna Lindsey's A Heart So Wild.  Other than re-reading great books, do you have any guilty pleasures?

Chocolate and white wine!

Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.

I love football! I’m a total football fanatic…unfortunately, my team is now out of the playoffs (I’m a Steeler gal!), but now I can root for Drew Brees…wow, is he hot!!!

 I'm don't watch much football, but I have to agree with you about Drew Brees. What’s your idea of a romantic evening?
A quiet dinner with my husband, followed by a moonlit walk and time in the hot tub with a glass of wine.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

London ~ I’d never tire of exploring the history to be found in that city.
When you’re not writing, which authors are on your “go to” list?

Teresa Medeiros (of course!), Lisa Kleypas, Eliza Knight, Tracey Devlyn, Adrienne Giordano, Connie Brockaway and Amanda Quick...oh, and I can’t forget Charlaine Harris.

Hmm. I haven't heard of Eliza Knight or Adrienne Giordano. I'll have to check them out.  Where can readers find you on the web?

I hope readers will stop by my website and my blog, ;
I’d love for you to friend me on Facebook:
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Where can readers find your book?

Surrender to Your Touch is available from The Wild Rose Press - Print Version and E-Book Version

Barnes and Noble -

And other great retailers!

Thanks for a great interview, Victoria.   I hope Surrender to Your Touch has amazing sales. :o)


  1. Victoria, the blurb is awesome, just pulls you right in and leaves you wanting to know the rest of the story!

  2. Hi Victoria,
    Surrender to your touch, sounds like a stirring romance. I wouldn't mind living in London also. Such historical buildings. My son lives in London so we have visited him a couple of times. Would like to go more often but 12,000 miles is a long way to travel.