Friday, October 13, 2017

This I know for sure...

I am now licensed in my field for my day job. Well, I will be once I receive the actual paper license from the state. I took the state exam on Wednesday morning and passed with a score of 88%.

I'm thrilled that I did so well (you only need to get a 70 to pass the exam), but I wish I had gotten 4 more points. Someone asked the instructor during the last class if she knew of anyone who'd gotten 100% on the state exam. She said the highest score received that she knew of was 91%. Of course, I wanted to do better than that.

While I'm glad I took the course and passed the exam as it will mean a pay raise, I'm very glad I'm done with the class and all the homework and studying required to pass the class final and state exam. Now I can get back to my regular writing routine and not have to spend every free minute with the class textbook.

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