Monday, June 2, 2014

Writing and Gardening

I spent this past weekend working in my garden. I pulled weeds, planted some Shasta Daisies that are supposed to be perennials, transplanted some flowers I started in pots into the garden. I also planted some purple flowers (I can't remember what the package said they were) that are supposed to spread each year on their own providing ground cover in those few areas I have that grass seems to refuse to grow.

As I was doing all this, it occurred to me how much writing and gardening are alike. Plants grow from a seed and, if given time and attention and care, will flourish. Writing a story is much the same. You start with an idea, a seed of a plot if you will. Spending time each day giving that idea attention and thought, it will grow page by page until you have a full manuscript.

When I see the stack of new pages grow and my seedlings become full fledged plants, I get a sense of accomplishment and at the end of the day isn't that a great feeling?

Here's a picture of part of the garden:

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