Monday, June 9, 2014

A Book of Ideas

My niece who wants to be a fashion designer has a journal filled with sketches, fabric swatches, ideas, cut outs from magazines and more. She calls it her idea book. She carries it wherever she goes so she can jot down things as she finds or thinks of them.

Lately, I've had new characters pop into my head fully formed telling me parts of their stories. These range from full scenes to snippets of dialogue. None of these characters are in the manuscript I'm currently writing. Rather than lose all these great things, I've decided to put together my own idea book filled with scenes, dialogue, descriptions and pictures of books I want to write once I'm done with the one I'm writing now.

I even have the perfect journal for it. It's one I received for Christmas from my nephew's long time girlfriend. Here's picture of the cover.

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