Monday, November 26, 2012

Writing During The Holidays

Every year I try to maintain my writing schedule during the holidays and every year I end up feeling defeated because I rarely am able to meet my weekly page goal do I've decided to try something new this year.

Instead of trying to fit writing time around holiday shopping, attending family gatherings, wrapping gifts, baking, preparing for the onslaught of relatives, decorating the Christmas tree and the house, I've decided that I'm going to take a break from writing from now until after the new year. I'm hoping I'll be less stressed out and be able to enjoy the holiday stuff instead of worrying that I'm now X number of pages behind schedule.

I'm still going to continue researching my next novel, write down those scenes and snippets of dialogue as they pop into my head, but for the next six weeks, I won't have the added pressure of trying to meet a weekly page goal while dealing with the frenetic pace of the holiday season.  I'm even hoping to read a few books on my ever expanding To Be Read list. I feel more relaxed already.

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