Friday, October 19, 2012

What I know for sure...

While this has been a really long week at the day job and I'm so very glad it's finally Friday, at the same time I wish I had a few more days left to the week.

I have a project that must be completed by 10/29 and I feel like it will take a miracle to meet that deadline.  Because it's a federal deadline, there's no way to push the end date out. I only have next week to get the data entered, calculated, and correlated before the forms need to be completed and submitted on the 29th.  Which wouldn't be a problem if I didn't feel like I have at least two weeks worth of data to enter etc. 

The other reason I wish there were a couple of more days is that my writing this week has been all but non-existent.  I would like to have gotten more done than I have but...


  1. You can do it, Katherine!! You'll meet your deadline and then you can relax a bit. Hurray! You're going to do it!

    I'm trying to cheer you on here. Is it working yet?