Monday, November 28, 2011

Blog Update/Book Review

I'm being interviewed on the You Gotta Read Reviews on Tuesday, 11/29.  You Gotta Read Reviews Blog

On Wednesday, 11/30, I'll be welcoming guest, Emma Lai, here on my blog. 

I don't usually post reviews here but I so enjoyed the following book that I'm posting the review I wrote for Goodreads here.

Alyson Reuben’s A Beautiful Cage is a great read for anyone interested in a wonderful story set against the back drop of World War II.  The story is full of suspense and kept me turning the pages wanting to know what was going to happen next.

Rebecca Bloomberg, whose loved ones have been taken from her and sent to a concentration camp, is a gutsy young woman the reader can immediately sympathize with.  She’s thrust into a way of life that forces her to trust the one man she shouldn’t – Gustav Von Furst, a man she believes supports the Nazi cause.   Though she tries to keep her distance, circumstances forces them into close proximity, leading her to see the man behind the façade.

Gustav Von Furst is a man determined to do what’s right even if it could cost him everything he holds dear including his own life.  He works undercover as a Nazi journalist while helping the English government.  Due to the very nature of his work, he is suspicious of nearly everyone he meets, questioning if friends and acquaintances are just that or something more sinister.  The fact that he is willing to risk everything to do what’s right makes him a hero to root for and to fall in love with.

It is apparent from the very beginning Alyson Reuben has done a great deal of research into the time period.  Both Rebecca and Gustav are well written characters that had me wanting them to get their happily ever after from the very start. The nail biting suspense, encounters between Rebecca and Gustav, and the perilous situation in general make this a must read.  I can’t wait for Alyson’s next book.

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