Monday, August 15, 2011


As you can tell if you look at the archive list on this blog, I haven’t been blogging very long.  Sometimes I have a very specific topic I want to write about, other times an idea or topic will pop into my head that seems like it’d be a great post.  And then there are the other times, like today, when I have no idea what I should blog about.  Should I write about my container vegetable garden that while there have been so many blossoms on various plants, I have no actual vegetables yet or perhaps I should write about what it’s like for me as a writer and some of the struggles I face as well as the triumphs that keep me writing.  I suppose I could write about publishing in general, but there a lot of people out there already doing that and doing it much better than I could. 

I guess if I get really desperate I could write about the weather (kind of like when you meet someone new and have nothing in common with them and you end up discussing the weather for lack of anything else) and how we needed rain so badly last month and now we’ve been having torrential rain the last few days that has more than made up for the rain deficit we did have.  No, I don’t think I’ll ever get that desperate for a blog topic.  At least not yet. :o)

Happy Monday (Is there such a thing?)

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