Friday, November 22, 2013

This I know for sure...

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd write a few things I'm thankful for. 

I have an amazing critique partner who always points out those things I can't seem to see for myself (until after she points them out of course). :o)

I have a wonderful friend who, while not really a reader, talks up my books to everyone she knows. I know she's personally responsible for quite a few of my sales.

I've worked with the same awesome editor for both of my books and my novella. I'm certain she made my already great books (*grin*) even better.

I have a sister who keeps a stack of bookmarks for my books on her desk at work. She works with the public so someone is always asking her what they're for and if they can have one.

I could go on and on so in closing I'll just say I'm very thankful for everyone who has helped me or continues to help me in my writing career.

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