Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I'm Reading Wednesday

Starting next Wednesday, 10/16/13, I'm making a change to my "What I'm Reading Wednesday" posts. Instead of telling you what I'm reading currently and including the blurb and in most cases, the book cover, I'll be posting a review of the book I read in the previous week.

I'll be using the following rating system:
5 Stars -- Fantastic book. Definitely a keeper.
4 Stars -- Great book. A page turner.
3 Stars -- Good book. An enjoyable way to spend some time.

I will not be posting any reviews below a 3 star rating. The reason I decided to start posting reviews is to help spread the news about books worth reading, not to criticize an author's work. That being said, I will give the reason(s) why I gave a book a certain number of stars.

If for some reason, I'm unable to read an entire book in the previous week, I'll be posting some of my family's favorite recipes instead. I will also continue to host guests on Wednesdays as they occur.

I hope you like the new change.

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