Friday, January 18, 2013

This I know for sure...

I seem to get more done when my manager is out of the office.  Doesn't seem like it makes sense, does it?  One would think if the boss is gone, then less work would get done.  I admit the atmosphere is a little more relaxed, but not much because it's a very casual office to start with. (I can wear jeans to work every day.) I think I get more done when he's out of the office because I'm not getting the constant interruptions from him giving me something else to do that "needs to be done today" even though he's known about it or had it on his desk for a month or more and now the deadline is looming or worse, already past.


  1. I agree it's much easier to get more done when the boss isn't looming over your shoulder. Thankfully, working in a county office, the bosses don't tend to do this, but it's still nice when they're out. By the way, I really need to get back into reading soon. I'm trying to hurry and finish my own book, but the first thing I'm reading when I finish is An Unexpected Gift! :)

  2. The strange thing is is that my manager pretty much leaves me alone to do what needs to be done for the most part, it's just those times he drops 5 or 6 things on me at once and expects them all to be done in an hour. Men! :O)

    I hope you enjoy Lazarus' story as much as I did writing it.