Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Spirit

Every year as soon as Thanksgiving arrives, I look forward to Christmas.  Not this year.  I don't have any Christmas spirit this year and I can't figure out why. 

 I have done so little gift shopping so far I might as well say I haven't started.  I'm dreading fighting the crowds, and trolling the parking lots looking for a spot to park.  I listen to Christmas music at work, but it just goes in one ear and out the other, without any impact.  I've watched a number of the Christmas cartoons, movies, and specials, but still no spirit. We don't have our house decorated or the tree set up yet.  And I have no desire to do either.

What's causing me to have the Bah, Humbug feeling this year?  I can't really say.  Could it be because we haven't had more than a couple of inches of snow total so far?  Nope, don't think this is the reason.  I hate the snow and the less we have, the happier I am.

Could it be that with starting a new job, I can't take any time off?  Could be.  I usually would take a couple of days before the holiday to spend on all day shopping trips with my mother.  Can't do that this year.

Could it be that everyone I know is struggling and wondering how afford gifts for their loved ones?  I'm sure that's a big part of it.  I know giving gifts isn't just what Christmas is about but I love giving gifts to show my love and appreciation.

 I can't really pinpoint the exact reason, but I sure hope to find my missing holiday spirit soon.


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